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SHOTT Feijoa (Pineapple Guava) 1 Litre

A Kiwi classic. The unmistakable sweet, aromatic flavour of this delicious fruit goes perfectly as an ice cream topping, a cocktail ingredient and now as a fruit smoothie.


Feijoa. It’s a pain to eat.
It’s messy, sticky and you always need a spoon.
SHOTT Feijoa concentrate takes all the goodness of a few sun-soaked Feijoas, but with none of the hassle.
Feijoa Julep, Feijoa Smoothie and Feijoa and Toasted Coconut Ice-cream can all start with one bottle of SHOTT.
Love the taste and leave all the problems behind.

Made with Real Fruit | No Artificial Flavours or Colours | ADD to Soda and Cocktails | Made in New Zealand

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